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The Power of Migrant Entrepreneurs

Migrant entrepreneurs around the world have established thousands of businesses and thus contribute to growing economies. Bringing diverse skills and perspectives, they often overcome significant obstacles to create businesses that leave lasting impacts on their adopted communities. Let’s check some of the success stories to get you inspired! Diverse success

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Diversity Charter Signing

Momentum Educate and Innovate

Momentum is based in the beautiful county of Leitrim, in Ireland. Surrounded by rivers and lakes, green fields and forests, and home to a diverse community of people from all over the world. Momentum creates impact via EU education and innovation programmes by developing innovative curricula and tertiary educational strategies

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Leveraging Immigrant Innovation: Lessons for the European Union

In the face of global competition and the relentless pace of technological advancement, the European Union (EU) stands at a critical juncture in defining its future as an innovation leader. Drawing inspiration from recent research by Stanford University, which highlights the disproportionate contribution of immigrants to the United States’ patent

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Presenting a Partner: Outside Media & Knowledge

Living, Teaching, Capturing Acceptance  In Erasmus+ education and cultural exchange, partnerships are essential. Outside Media & Knowledge from Germany, stands out in this regard, as a firm specializing in content creation, storytelling, and video production. Their unique focus on intercultural inclusion and gender equality makes them a valuable partner in

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Opportunities for Migrant Entrepreneurs in Estonia

Estonia, a nation celebrated for its rapid economic growth and entrepreneurial culture, presents many opportunities for migrant entrepreneurs. The country’s approach to innovation is visible through its thriving start-up environment resulting in the highest number of start-ups, unicorns, and investments per capita in Europe, according to The State of European

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Migrant Entrepreneurship in Lithuania: Challenges & Triumphs

Entrepreneurship in Lithuania is experiencing a vibrant transformation, largely fueled by the contributions of migrant entrepreneurs. These individuals, coming from various backgrounds, are not just starting new businesses but are also injecting diverse perspectives and innovative ideas into the Lithuanian economy. The State of Migrant Entrepreneurship in Lithuania  According to

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