Educational Resources

During the lifespan of the PatENT project, we will have 2 implementing Work packages.

The first implementing Work Package involves:

  1. Rigorous research showing current data on entrepreneurial opportunities for migrants in our 5 partner countries.
  2. Establishing 6 educational hubs dedicated to sharing information and educating young people with migrant backgrounds about the first steps in developing entrepreneurship and patenting innovative entrepreneurship ideas and approaches.
  3. Raising partners’ capacities for educational hub activities, education of youth migrants in local communities, and promotion of entrepreneurship; through the development of a comprehensive Guidebook on establishing and running educational hubs. 
  4. Collecting 42 stories of entrepreneurs with migrant backgrounds – in digital format and creating a documentary, that can be shared through the work of the 6 educational hubs. It is hoped this documentary will act as an inspiration and know-how material for future youth migrants interested in entrepreneurial activities and patenting innovations.

The second implementing Work package involves activities that will:

  1. Raise competencies of partners and their key staff members, youth workers and educators for the development of educational hubs supporting youth migrants interested in topics of entrepreneurship and patenting; through the use of educational materials (Guidebook with manual and Educators guide) and 10-day educational training course.
  2. Develop new practical and expertise-based educational materials for the youth work sector (in the format of a Guidebook with manual and Educators guide), for future education and youth work activities on local and international levels based on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation protection through patenting.
  3. Create practical, needs-based, and useful open online educational modules and make them easily accessible in the communities where partners are active; in the development of knowledge and skills of youth with migrant backgrounds interested in the development of enterprises and patenting innovations.