The Power of Migrant Entrepreneurs

Migrant entrepreneurs around the world have established thousands of businesses and thus contribute to growing economies. Bringing diverse skills and perspectives, they often overcome significant obstacles to create businesses that leave lasting impacts on their adopted communities. Let’s check some of the success stories to get you inspired!

Diverse success stories across Europe

If you thought that the fashion industry is dominated entirely by big names and well known brands, let us change your mind. For example, Omar Munie, a refugee from Somalia, capitalized on his fashion education in the Netherlands to establish Omar Munie Clothing. His company is renowned for stylish handbags and supports other refugees through initiatives like The Diversity Embracelet.

Migrant innovators in the tech and creative industries

In the UK, Mursal Hedayat from Afghanistan founded Chatterbox, a unique language-learning app that employs refugees as teachers, promoting education and integration. Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, Wessam Matouk, originally a geology student from Aleppo, channels his expertise into art, drawing inspiration from the works of Dutch artist M.C. Escher.

Support for migrant business innovation

Programs like the PatENT project are crucial in helping migrant entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of establishing new businesses in unfamiliar territories. This initiative supports migrant entrepreneurs and youth workers in Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, and Portugal, fostering an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive.

Learn more about migrant entrepreneurs

To discover more about the achievements of migrant entrepreneurs, several resources are available:

  • Fast Company discusses U.S. companies founded by immigrants here.
  • Forbes covers immigrants who have started billion-dollar startups in the U.S. here.
  • Ben & Jerry’s shares stories about businesses started by refugees and migrants here.

These resources provide economic insights, inspiration, and practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, promoting a more inclusive and dynamic business environment globally.

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